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dressing, dressings

1. Projecting ornamental moldings and carved decorations of all kinds.
2. Masonry or molding of better quality than the facing brick; used around openings or at corners of buildings; often made of gauged brick.
3. Smoothing a stone surface.
4. Bossing.
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While John and Richard were placing the dressings on the wound, Elnathan was acutely eyeing the contents of Mohegan’s basket, which Mr.
Jones, when he had finished, and finished for the second time, after tying the linen in every shape and form that it could be placed; “reach me the scissors, for here is a thread that must be cut off, or it might get under the dressings, and inflame the wound.
Meanwhile the dressings on my wound and the embrocation on my sprained wrist steadily subdue the pains which I have felt so far.
They have various ways of dressing their heads, and spare no expense in ear-rings, necklaces, or anything that may contribute to set them off to advantage.
However, as the moment for the girl's setting out drew nigh, when the first excitement of the dressing had passed off, a slight misgiving found place in Joan Durbeyfield's mind.
The boy was pleased to see him, and Philip chaffed him as he put a clean dressing on the wound.
Prince Andrew remembered nothing more: he lost consciousness from the terrible pain of being lifted onto the stretcher, the jolting while being moved, and the probing of his wound at the dressing station.
He thought she looked a little pale when she came out of the coeds' dressing room; but as they entered the reception room her color and sparkle suddenly returned to her.
In like manner, the excellence of the mental entertainment consists less in the subject than in the author's skill in well dressing it up.
Passing by one of the dressing tents I glanced in through a hole in the canvas to see if I could locate him.
Snuff--that De Ville dropped on his hair in the dressing tent.
He was dressing, as it seemed, by easy stages, and having performed half the journey was taking a long rest.