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However this form of drift netting is distant, both geographically and metaphorically, from the small-scale and environmentally acceptable use of drift nets in the UK.
THE GOVERNMENT is being urged to justify an "irrational" decision to end the region's traditional salmon drift net fishery by 2022.
A group including the Wye Foundation charity and United Usk Fishermans' Association has bought the Usk drift nets and five years rights to use Goldcliff Putchers.
Basically, I'm not sure how effective the ban on drift nets is.
One of the main problems is that drift nets entangle and kill other marine life occurring in the same area as the target fish species.
While many in-shore shermen around the Welsh coast do use smallscale drift nets to sh for such species as herring, seabass and mullet, we know there is minimum by-catch and that they sh very selectively using nets that are much smaller than those which cause the problem that these proposals seek to address.
Which is laudable in principle, as some fishermen have been ignoring existing guidelines and using huge drift nets to land large, charismatic species such as tuna and dolphin.
He added: "To save the salmon we need to stop drift net fishing.
When other countries raised a chorus of protests against use of drift nets in the Pacific, Taiwanese fishermen got the drift -- but not the way they were supposed to.
IRELAND has been told by the European Commission to exercise better control over its use of drift nets to catch wild salmon on the grounds of nature conservation.
Anglers are calling on Irish fishermen to stop using huge drift nets, which are blamed for the falling numbers of salmon in Welsh rivers.
The problem with our current approach is that the drift nets off the Kerry or Donegal coast are catching salmon bound for rivers such as the Liffey or the Boyne, where the number of returning fish is way below replacement conservation levels.