drilled pier

drilled pier, drilled pile

A concrete pier or pile that is cast in place in a hole that has been bored in soil or rock.
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Services are being sought for construction observation and materials testing, earthwork-site grading, slab sub-grade, utility and foundation backfill compaction testing, drilled pier observation and testing, concrete and reinforcing steel observation, floor flatness / floor levelness (Ff/Fl), asphalt paving, structural steel, weld testing and observation, water proofing / damp proofing, and sprayed-on fireproofing.
LDI is a specialized contractor in the installation of drilled pier foundations for a diversified customer base throughout the United States.
Klondyke Construction, LLC a subsidiary of Pike, is a power infrastructure contractor based in Phoenix, Arizona delivering a comprehensive range of services related to the generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical power including but not limited to electrical structures and equipment, underground and overhead transmission lines, turnkey substations and drilled pier foundations.
Its product line continues with a hybrid pole model, which uses an embedded concrete base section and tubular steel for the upper portion of the pole; is designed for use as an alternative to conventional drilled pier, anchor bolt and base plate foundation systems, or direct embedded steel poles in corrosive or wetland type soil conditions and upgrading of existing power lines.
These involved reinforced drilled piers to protect the perimeter security road and sewer line, more tiebacks to stabilize the dangerously eroded slopes, and rock-filled wire baskets (gabions) along the shoreline to protect it from storm wave action.
Elements of the project include drilled piers for the pump station, below grade concrete structure, above grade masonry structure, miscellaneous metals, doors & windows, mechanical piping, HVAC and fire protection systems, seven vertical turbine pumps, an overhead crane system, electrical equipment, instrumentation, a 1000 kW emergency generator, approximately 3,600 ft of 24" and
9 Deep Foundations - Piles, Drilled Piers, Caissons and Pile-Raft Systems.
Specific Crafts, Trades and Materials include but are not limited to: Asphalt Paving, Clearing and Grubbing, Concrete Structures & Flatwork, Earth Work & Grading, Electricians, Erosion Control, Seeding and Sodding, Dewatering, Rock Excavation, Blasting, Rock Sawing, Cathodic Protection, Fire Alarm/Detection Systems, Fiber Optic Conduit & Pull Box Installation, Joint Grouting, Masonry, Surveying, SWPPP, Traffic Control, Trucking, Tunnel Bores, Welding, Instrumentation, Painting/Coatings, Metal Fabrications, Carpentry, Doors & Windows, Mechanical (Basic), Drilled Piers, Fences and Gates
foundations of drilled piers, grade beams and basement foundation walls, upon which will support
The objective of the project of consist of constructing four new groundwater well stations including ground improvements; site preparation including clearing and grubbing and grading; various work on existing groundwater wells; building foundations, drilled piers and piles, temporary shoring and retaining walls; new pumps, motors and related appurtenances; ventilation system; trenching and pipeline and conduit construction; cathodic protection system; surge tanks and compressed air systems; chemical tanks and pumping systems; electrical power distribution systems, SCADA and I&C control systems; perimeter security fence; security monitoring and control systems; final grading & drainage; landscape & irrigation systems, paving and various other site improvements.