drilled pier

drilled pier, drilled pile

A concrete pier or pile that is cast in place in a hole that has been bored in soil or rock.
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238910 Site preparation including excavation/backfill, load transfer platforms, ground improvement, foam block and flowable fill installation, geogrid installation, aggregate pier installation, drilled shaft installation, and drilled pier installation
In another case, "When a limestone seam was missed on the geotechnical reports, McCarthy incorporated changes to the drilled pier foundation that resulted in less additional drilling through the limestone and less cost to the owner," Buescher says,
Klondyke Construction, LLC a subsidiary of Pike, is a power infrastructure contractor based in Phoenix, Arizona delivering a comprehensive range of services related to the generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical power including but not limited to electrical structures and equipment, underground and overhead transmission lines, turnkey substations and drilled pier foundations.
San Jacinto Community College District is soliciting sealed proposals from qualified firms for construction of an athletic building / press box: a new approximately 527 square foot two-story CMU building built on a slab-on-grade foundation with drilled pier footings.
San Jacinto Community College District is seeking qualified firms to submit proposals for a new approximately 527 square foot two-story CMU building built on a slab-on-grade foundation with drilled pier footings.
Work includes approx 30 CY drilled pier foundation w/AB, 5~-0"; 196 1,000 LBS foundation reinforcing steel; 7 EA remove a single pole non-guyed wood structure; 1 EA top wood pole; 50 LF of 4~-6" permanent casing; 5 EA electric fence gate.
3,000 FT of single circuit, three phase, 115kV electrical transmission line conductor on three new direct embedded steel poles and five new steel pole transmission structures on drilled pier foundations.
Construction of a new drilled pier support and concrete abutment.
Services are being sought for construction observation and materials testing, earthwork-site grading, slab sub-grade, utility and foundation backfill compaction testing, drilled pier observation and testing, concrete and reinforcing steel observation, floor flatness / floor levelness (Ff/Fl), asphalt paving, structural steel, weld testing and observation, water proofing / damp proofing, and sprayed-on fireproofing.
Tenders are invited for sitework includes surveying & layout, earthwork, site utilities, site concrete, asphalt paving, landscaping and irrigation, hardscape / pavers, site electrical, city foundry parking garage includes testing & special inspections, surveying & layout, earth retention system, drilled piers, precast concrete, concrete, masonry, structural & misc steel, see outside link.
These involved reinforced drilled piers to protect the perimeter security road and sewer line, more tiebacks to stabilize the dangerously eroded slopes, and rock-filled wire baskets (gabions) along the shoreline to protect it from storm wave action.
Tenders are invited for approx 100 cy - undercut excavation; foundation conditioning material minor structures; 30 sy - foundation conditioning geotextile; 2 ea - side drain pipe elbows (15"); 12 lf of rc pipe culverts, class iv (15"); 120 sy - incidental milling; 93 lf - 6" water line; 62 lf - 3~-6" dia drilled piers in soil.