drilled pile

augered pile

A concrete pile which is cast-in-place in a hole drilled by an auger; may be belled at the bottom; suitable in dry soil.

drilled pier, drilled pile

A concrete pier or pile that is cast in place in a hole that has been bored in soil or rock.
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Drilled pile using the double rotary drilling method, Double rotary ("front-of-wall") drilled pile
Cast-in-place full displacement drilled piles, Steel pipe piles produced with the vibro-drilling method
15 E 038 - Drilling DIN 18301, DIN 18331 concrete work, metal construction DIN 18360: - Approximately 1 100 m3 earthworks;- Approximately 550 linear meters drilled piles (D = 880 mm, depth 10 m); - Approximately 180 m3 concrete work;- Approximately 180 mA mobile elements with supports and anchor plates.
Sonovoid concrete void forms are used in the construction of cast-in-place concrete where expansive soils are present, providing temporary support for cast-in-place floors, beams and walls until the concrete can support itself on drilled piles or caissons.
The wwo rotary drilling rigs are being employed on the construction site , which covers a total area of 200,000 m2, to stabilise the subsurface with cast-in-place drilled piles.
While a concrete floor, beam or wall is being poured, a void form provides temporary support for the concrete until the concrete can support itself on caissons or drilled piles.
The second recognition time was in 2007, this time for development work related to drilled piles.