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45 durometer A durometer A durometer D Color Translucent Translucent Translucent Colorability Possible by Possible by Possible by Kraiburg Kraiburg Kraiburg Highlights Excellent Excellent High compression set resealability elasticity Application Gaskets, soft RS membranes, Drip chambers, examples touch infusion stoppers Luer locks Series MT/CO MTILF MTIHD Hardness 30-70 30-70 30-70 durometer A durometer A durometer A Color Translucent Translucent Natural Colorability Possible by Possible by Possible by Kraiburg Kraiburg Kraiburg Highlights Excellent Low friction Cycle time adhesion optimized Application Gaskets, soft Blood tube Gaskets, soft examples touch closures touch
Our extensive inventory includes angiographic needles, applicators, bioprocessing components/sanitary fittings, catheter hubs, check valves, clips, clamps, Colder Products Company[R] quick disconnect couplings, drip chambers, extension lines, forceps, gauze, hemostasis valves, instrument guards, kit components, luers, masks, ports, pouches, scalpels, single-use stainless steel, spikes, sponges, stopcocks, swabs, syringes, torquers, trays, tuohy borst adapters, USP Class VI tubing and more.
Clear injection molding: Apex 3800 compounds (alternatives to Apex 3200) for applications such as oxygen masks, mouthpieces, adapters, valves, connectors, drip chambers, and syringe bulbs.
Medegen MMS division is an emerging market leader in IV therapy components, such as luer locks, luer caps, needleless access ports, anesthesia manifolds and drip chambers which are sold to selected medical device companies under the KippMed(TM) brand name.
IV systems, catheters, intubation and respiratory equipment, resealable membranes, drip chambers and wound care products.
The company's comprehensive 5,000+ SKU offering includes clamps, connectors, drip chambers, tubing, stopcocks, filters, checkvalves, spikes, luers, syringes, vials, bags, bottles, test tubes, swabs, testers, applicators, sponges and brushes