drip pan

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Any tray for collecting fluid dripping from aircraft. Also called a drip tray or drip pan.
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Excess condensation forms on the drip pan or surrounding areas.
Make sure the drip pan is in place or you'll lose some juice.
She said that the rotisserie's 24-ounce drip pan had a nonstick surface and was large enough to accommodate fatty items such as pork roasts.
Set an aluminum drip pan at least as your turkey on one of the burness UNDER the cooking grate to catch drips before they cause an inferno
By pulling out the drip pan from the rear of the fridge, you can access the tube that carries the water and food particles into the drip pan.
Indirect grilling means cooking the food over a drip pan surrounded by coals, rather than directly over the heat.
The Indoor/Outdoor Electric Barbecue features a family-sized cooking rack to allow grilling, broiling and barbecuing, a removable rack and aluminum drip pan, a wind shield for outdoor use, and a safety switch.
If using gas, put a drip pan in place under one part of the cooking grate (the indirect-heat area), then light only the burner or burners on the rest of the grill (the direct-heat area).
The roomy 14-by-19-inch enameled grill top is easy to clean; a slide-out drip pan is another convenience.
Tenders are invited for Construction of the pump house, the pump shaft and the drip pan of waste heat recovery system in the area Hagenholz.