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see stalactite and stalagmitestalactite and stalagmite
, mineral forms often found in caves; sometimes collectively called dripstone. A stalactite is an icicle-shaped mass of calcite attached to the roof of a limestone cavern.
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A hood mold on the outside of a wall, often used in Gothic architecture.


A cave feature, such as a stalagmite, which is formed by precipitation of calcium carbonate or another mineral from dripping water.


A drip cap made of stone.

headmold, dripstone, head molding, hood-mold, weather molding

The molding carried around or over the head of a door or window.
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Dripstones that form from the cave ceiling are called stalactites.
Take one look at the exterior to spot the traditional mullioned, multi-paned windows, complete with dripstones.
Quality features include stone mullion windows under moulded dripstones, old timbering and fireplaces.