driving band

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drive band

In pile driving, a steel band which encircles the head of a timber pile to prevent it from splitting when being driven.
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Tenders are invited for Supply of driving band (blank) to ofaj drg.
I/code:0743970901 ii)second driving band (blank) to ofaj drg.
The Golden Saber had what Remington called a driving band, which was bore diameter, at the rear of the bullet.
Assuming the throat diameters are adequate to the bullet diameter below the crimp, the solution is either to properly size the whole cylindrical section of the bullet or change to a design with a smaller meplat and narrower driving band.
The lack of any driving band or studs identifies these shells as the very early Armstrong type, and they probably were for an 8- or 9-pounder.
MONDAY Rugby player Andy Powell received a 15-month driving band and pounds 1,000 fine after driving a golf buggy down the M4.
That was the answer I wanted to hear, and bearing in mind the Avengers were a really tight driving band, it was obvious all our practice sessions were paying off.
He was employed at the hurdle and fencing works of Messers Miller, Miller Lane, and while attending to a planing machine found it necessary to tighten a driving band.
He also designed an aerodynamic mortar round with an integral driving band to grip the rifling and maximize the use of propellant gases.
At the rear end is a copper driving band formed on the circumference of a dished plate surrounding the cartridge container.
Salts & Chemical Make For 155 Mm Erfb Shell~s Driving Band Groove Cleaning.