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1. Any pipe in a building-drainage system which carries waste water or water-borne waste.
2. Any pipe or channel for carrying waste water or storm water.
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The findings open up new avenues of research into exactly how the brain controls eating, and suggest that drugs designed to activate or inhibit neurons in the DRN could be effective in treating obesity and preventing its related disorders, such as diabetes and hypertension.
A similar pattern is followed by DRN and BSN nodes for updating of their hop addresses.
Mallory will actively develop partnerships with “in country” providers to replicate DRN and Vigilant Solutions success in new worldwide markets.
However, because employees who do this are "representing DRN in some fashion," they should wear branded clothing only if it is up to date and in good condition.
By recovering, storing and grouping data on vehicle location, where vehicles go and who drives them, DRN is able to provide value to clients to help them make better, more profitable decisions while preserving asset value.
Asi concluye el libro quinto de DRN, con la imagen del progreso tecnico presenta la cima de una cultura.
Alex Young is vice president of Risk Solutions and is responsible for developing the insurance market at DRN.
Even when DRN embarks on a youth-centric campaign, the real target is still the parents.
Allen will be responsible for overseeing sales activities and creating synergy between all five DRN companies: Buy.
Ar drn y byddwn yn teithio, dim ond fod streic drn ar hyn o bryd yn Ffrainc, felly gobeithio y caiff ei datrys yn weddol sydyn.
Yn y rhaglen, cawn gwmni'r fferyllydd lleol Sin Llewelyn ar daith hyfryd ar drn stm o Lanuwchllyn i'r Bala; bydd Shn yn cyfarfod merch leol, Ria Jones, sydd wedi agor siop gardiau yn y dref; caiff Iolo'r cyfle i gwrdd ag Elin Haf Davies - nyrs sydd yn hyfforddi ar gyfer cystadleuaeth Iron Man, a chyn gadael y Bala bydd cyfle i Iolo a Shn fentro i lawr afon Tryweryn mewn antur rafftio dwe r gwyn arbennig.
In addition to representation from member firms in these two industries, both the International Federation of Red Cross and the United Nations are leaders in the formation of the Founding Committee that is structuring the vision for the DRN.