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1. Any pipe in a building-drainage system which carries waste water or water-borne waste.
2. Any pipe or channel for carrying waste water or storm water.
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For additional information, visit ISO and DRN at the upcoming International Association of Special Investigation Units (IASIU) Seminar and Expo, September 13--16, 2015.
Alex Young joins DRN with a formidable background in the Insurance industry working for many of the leading risk and underwriting platform providers.
Employees were given allowances to purchase DRN logoed shirts, pants and jackets from an approved supplier.
The DRN intervention group also received patient-specific feedback related to clinical Diabetes Quality Improvement Project (DQIP) measures taken from chart review.
DRN also runs a back-to-school promotion in the fall that targets kids and parents.
A randomized controlled trial is planned to examine the effectiveness of the DRN.
He will also help clients realize the power of working with all five DRN companies, and the added value that can bring to their direct response campaign.
Roedd hyn cyn inni brynu tocyn ar drn efo gyrrwyr ar streic.
Robert Prieto, Chairman of Parsons Brinckerhoff and Co-Chair of the DRN Founding Committee, explained, "The Disaster Response Network will develop and maintain a roster of committed firms and resources and act as a clearinghouse to match particular resources needed in the event of a disaster with the Network's participating companies.
Yn y rhaglen gyntaf, bydd Aled a Leah yn ymweld gwesty Marques de Riscal ym mhentref Elciego yn Sbaen, ynghyd 'r gwesty cyfoes Sleeperz wrth ymyl prif orsaf drn Caerdydd, a'r Palazzo Barbarigo Sul Canal Grande yn Fenis sy'n adeilad hanesyddol hynod ddramatig.
For a limited time, DRN is offering Address Scoring as a free trial to qualified clients.
Dyna'r cwestiwn mae'r actores Sharon Morgan yn ei ofyn wrth iddi gymryd taith drn go arbennig yn y rhaglen ddogfen Siwrne Sharon, sy'n rhan o'r gyfres O'r Galon.