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(From "android") The robots of the Star Wars universe. While androids look somewhat human-like, Star Wars' droids are typically fashioned in the likeness of their creators or in a utilitarian design that stresses function over appearance. Droids are equipped with artificial intelligence, though some are naturally created smarter than others depending on the function they are designed to serve.

"Droid" is a Lucasfilm Ltd. trademark.


["A Guide to the Star Wars Universe", Bill Slavicsek, 1994, Lucasfilm Ltd.]


(1) Slang for Android.

(2) The first Android phone to support Verizon's CDMA cellular technology. All prior Androids were GSM phones. Made by Motorola and introduced in late 2009, the DROID featured a physical keyboard for people who prefer real keys. It was also the first Android with free Google navigation software, and the stocks of GPS vendors took a hit the day after the announcement. The second generation of the DROID added features from the DROID X. See Android and DROID X.

The DROID Slider
The DROID was the first Android-based CDMA offering on the market. (Image courtesy of Motorola, Inc.)
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Westwater has taken his droid to "Star Wars'' events, comic-cons and his boys' schools.
The Droid phones vary basically in screen and battery size.
All the new Droid Razr phones will come with the Chrome browser preloaded, which is a first for Android devices, Motorola Mobility executives said.
The Droid Pro features a fixed a keyboard bar as well as a 3.
Featuring a "topographic" design that demonstrates the powerful engineering just beneath the surface, DROID Incredible by HTC is designed with craftsmanship and precision while making it easier than ever to stay connected.
If ASIMO looks like it would fit in with the droids from Star Wars, Repliee Q1Expo looks like it took its inspiration from Data, the Star Trek android that wanted to be human.
The system can lead to the occasional mix-up, however, as C3-PO's head is accidentally placed on the body of a battle droid.
And millions of Star Wars fans saw his handiwork when R2-D2, the universally recognized little droid, took to the air for the first time ever in Episode II: Attack of the Clones.
At concerts, one droid is positioned outside dressing rooms, the crew room, the stage, and the accounting, production, and MIS offices, as well as outside the loading dock area for the band and crew buses.
These droids are the most advanced robot toys ever and they were created using Lego's Droid Development Kit, part of the hi-tech Lego Mindstorms range.
Disguised as a Jawa, your job will be to design and build droids to find the secret location of the Empire's assassin droid factory and reprogram the assassin droids.