drop ceiling

dropped ceiling, drop ceiling

2.See soffit.
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Historical solutions require two separate structures--an acoustical ceiling tile (ACT) drop ceiling hung beneath an industrial-grade uni-strut infrastructure.
The user presets time parameters with user-friendly programming and places the unit above the drop ceiling.
The data center space on both the fifth and six floors offers clear ceiling heights of 8 feet 6 inches from the 14-inch raised floor to the drop ceiling.
architects Darin Johnstone and Scott Parker that considers 3-D relationships in the context of the mundane drop ceiling, SCI-Arc Gallery, through July 18, free admission.
The new renovation includes various upgrades to meet sanitary and health regulations, which include a new floor topping, an insulated panel drop ceiling for a perimeter protection layer between the structural steel roof deck, and insulated metal wall panels.
The KD6 Z-Series is designed for installation in drop ceiling, hard ceiling, pendant and WeatherDome configurations.
The suspended Plexiglas panels, not unlike sections of drop ceiling, created attractive pools of diffused, colored light and offer a decorative touch.
The Vertical Exhaust Duct, a CPI Passive Cooling[R] Solution, used with the F-Series TeraFrame[TM] Cabinet System isolates and guides hot exhaust air from the back of the cabinet to the drop ceiling plenum, creating a closed hot air return path to the cooling system.
An economical and aesthetically pleasing alternative to a traditional drop ceiling, Zip-Up Ceiling is comprised of durable interlocking PVC panels and rails and meets Class A Fire Rating.
I called for more line, and he turned to see if he could stretch the line, and stepped maybe three inches to the side, and fell 15 to 20 feet through a drop ceiling onto a concrete floor.
Amidst the search, workers came upon an 11 x 24-ft plaster mural hidden above an acoustical drop ceiling in the theater's foyer.
Locations:WindsorKeywords:Building Materials and Supplies, Building RehabilitationBid Description:Removal and replacement of 60 x 10 drop ceiling in Old School House bldg Exit 2 I89 in Sharon VT.