drop zone

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drop zone (DZ)

A specified earmarked area where airborne troops, equipment, and supplies are to be dropped.
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City officials say they tried to draw up a new drop zone agreement with Moore and Wright, but both rejected the notion that they would need to carry liability insurance against injury or death related to skydiving operations on property owned or leased by the city.
Despite Villa's perilous position just outside the drop zone, McLeish will not give into the temptation to rush Dunne back.
The Wiltshire outfit have put eight points between themselves and the drop zone and persuaded Skybet to ease their relegation odds to 10-1.
Moore charged that Creswell's withdrawal of permission to use the longtime drop zone violates his lease, which runs for six more years, followed by his right to renew it for two additional 10-year terms.
He added: "I've now told the people with stencils to spray the Drop Zone logo over existing graffiti like IRA, BNP and Nazi swastikas.
Leeds remain in the drop zone but level on points with fourth-from-bottom Portsmouth.
He landed in sagebrush a short distance from the drop zone and was forced to drop to the ground and roll to stop.
Sixto Peralta poked in Town's second before Martijn Reuser sealed Ipswich's passage out of the drop zone.
Findley wrapped it up with a smart finish and lifted some of the palpable tension as Cotterill's men got out of the drop zone.
Although they were notified last week by registered mail that they no longer had Creswell's permission to land skydivers on a longtime drop zone on city-owned land, the rival companies have kept operating.
He should have gone back to the tee or used the drop zone but instead dropped his ball two club lengths from the yellow line rather than keeping the point of entry between himself and the hole.
AUSSIE striker Danny Allsopp gave Wrexham another helping hand away from the drop zone.