dropped ceiling

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dropped ceiling, drop ceiling

2.See soffit.

suspended ceiling, dropped ceiling

suspended ceiling
A non-structural ceiling suspended below the overhead
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For the ceiling, a dropped ceiling product with an electrified grid accommodated the same 2 ft by 2 ft metal tiles.
Standard attachments include a 71" flexible tube to direct air to the "hot spot," louvered and directional front vent, hot exhaust air removal tube and a dropped ceiling or window heat ventilation kit.
A rectangular building with the altar at one end, one of the long walls featured a gallery of large windows over a dropped ceiling.
When he began pulling out the old dropped ceiling, papers began to flutter down onto his head.
In Girls, Show World Center, Times Square, NYC, 2000, the seamy glow of strip-joint neon is reflected in the small mirrored tiles that form a concentric-square motif on the club's dropped ceiling.
Light wells, alcoves, a fireplace and stairs all occupy residual space between the bedrooms and the boundary wall, and the chamfered gable end of the master bedroom resonates within the living room with a dropped ceiling providing a quirky twist--a slightly more reasonable gesture perhaps than the less convincing radiused sweep above the dining area.
Tesco has also added a dropped ceiling and new lighting, shelving and flooring.
A camouflage tent covering, a virtual fish tank or a vine climbing across a dropped ceiling send a powerful message to your colleagues: "I like being different and, frankly, I don't care who knows it
They discovered a cathedral ceiling hidden by a dropped ceiling made of pressed newspaper in the living room.
The natural-stain mahogany cabinetry reaches up to the dropped ceiling on the sides of the doorway; a mahogany cornice links the tops of the cabinets.
According to Associate Partner Stephen Apking, "In order to achieve the proper trading environment for current and future requirements, we had to completely rethink the standard raised floor, dropped ceiling approach, and be much more inventive.
of freezer capacity; fully racked; dropped ceiling at 28' clear; steel columns spaced 40' x 40'8" and 40' x 58'4"; insulated concrete panel walls; fully sprinklered; forty-five insulated dock doors with levelers; on a site that will accommodate a 195,000 sq.