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name for several herbs, especially a meadowsweet (see spiraeaspiraea
, any plant of the genus Spiraea, Northern Hemisphere deciduous shrubs of the family Rosaceae (rose family). Most are indigenous to central and E Asia, whence come most of the popular ornamental species, e.g., the bridal wreath (S.
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Biogeochemical mapping in Estonia: dropwort (Filipendula ulmaria) root studies in Kunda, Oostriku and South-Estonian areas // Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Estonia.
Warwickshire Wildlife Trust has pointed out that huge swathes of meadow would also be swallowed and we may lose rare flowers like narrow-leaved water dropwort, the gorgeous green-winged orchid and adder's tongue.
It is thought they had both unwittingly eaten hemlock, possibly the plant water dropwort, which is highly poisonous.