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a paper, book, or other work concerned with a single subject or aspect of a subject



a scholarly work in which a specific theme is investigated in detail. In a monograph, the literature on the problem under consideration is presented and analyzed and new hypotheses and solutions contributing to further research are proposed. A monograph usually includes extensive bibliographical data, comments, and other information.

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If FDA grants a petition, the appropriate OTC drug monograph is amended by the publication of a rulemaking in the Federal Register.
The MS Report assesses the competitive landscape by drug monograph, MOA, clinical data, projected launch year, company, and key issues.
Support of this new platform also includes the ability for users to customize features of their Lexicomp mobile app, such as the order of the fields in drug monographs and choices in a display theme.
The number of available drugs has increased by a wide margin, further necessitating this comprehensive index divided into fifteen sections: drug monographs, standard medical abbreviations, calculations, common systems of weights and measures, approximate practical equivalents, international system of units, normal laboratory values, FDA pregnancy categories, controlled substances summary, medical terminology glossary, oral dosage forms that should not be crushed or chewed, drug names that look alike and sound alike, discontinued drugs, common abbreviations of chemotherapy regimens, and a manufacturer and distributor listing.
Over a thousand drug monographs and nearly forty fields of information for each pack an extensive review which includes red highlights and an organization that lends to quick look-up reference.
Drug monographs are frequent in all chapters with specific information regarding actions, drug interactions, contraindications, dosage and administration.
Epocrates Rx--contains drug monographs and information about drug interactions, medical news and some clinical articles Radiology 2.
Updates to this new, thick 'pocket' tote include 18 new drug monographs, 38 new chemotherapy routines, special updates on new cancer therapies and safe handling of hazardous drugs, and more.
Purchase of the book includes access to a web site with a newsletter, printable drug monographs, and Shockwave presentations.
A bound-in CD-ROM and companion website offer numerous student and instructor resources, including clinical simulations, psychotropic drug monographs and movie viewing guides.
Now in its 11th updated edition, Drug Information Handbook for Nursing offers 40 new drug monographs, new fields from product availability to drug interactions, and appendix updates of abbreviations, compatibility issues, immunizations and more.
Tom Allen (D-Maine), would give the FDA the authority to quickly amend or appeal over-the-counter drug monographs without being required to pursue notice and comment rulemaking, as required under the Administrative Procedures Act.