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Suicide is way up, and so are deaths from drug poisoning and the chronic liver disease that excessive drinking can cause.
In England and Wales combined there were 3,346 drug poisoning deaths registered in 2014 - the highest since comparable records began in 1993.
The national figure rose to 3,346 drug poisoning deaths in 2014 alone - the highest figure since records began.
There were 3,346 drug poisoning deaths registered in England and Wales in 2014 alone, the highest figure since records began.
Drug deaths are now the highest they have been since records began and for the second year running the North east was named as the worst region in the country for drug poisoning deaths.
RECORD numbers of people are dying from drug poisoning, new figures reveal.
THE North East has the highest death rates from drug poisoning for the second year running, new figures have revealed.
THE number of people killed by drug poisoning in England and Wales hit a record 3,346 last year, a report reveals.
The autopsy report submitted to the sub-divisional magistrate revealed that her death was due to drug poisoning while the marks were ruled as minor injuries.
In that same time frame, there were at least 1,019 drug poisoning deaths in Canada where fentanyl was indicated in post-mortem toxicological screening; more than half of these deaths occurred in 2013 and 2014.
The one bad sign was that the death rate from "unintentional injury" jumped by a third, driven by a tripling in the number of deaths due to drug poisoning.
5 and B22K4/0) as replacement solutions in continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) to correct electrolyte and acid-base imbalances, and in case of drug poisoning when CRRT is used to remove dialyzable substances.