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However, in the long term, there will be growth in the number of vehicles with rear drum brakes as standard equipment, with all-wheel disc brakes as an option.
Government policies regulating stopping distances will steer advancements in brake technology, thus bringing the performance attributes of drum brakes on par with ADB," saidFrost & Sullivan Intelligent Mobility Senior Industry Analyst Wallace Lau .
RAY: So, as a result, very wet drum brakes often would fail.
Drum brakes on the rear axle and a parking brake provide stopping power.
The company, which has its HQ in America and employs about 60,000 workers in 24 countries, makes disc brakes and drum brakes for car companies.
The same principle could also be applied to drum brakes.
Front disc brakes and rear drum brakes provide consistent braking performance in all climate conditions.
Using them in rear drum brakes would therefore require redesigning the brake so that it could meet new-car partking-brake standards and not risk becoming overly susceptible to lockup once it wore in and became stronger, according to Robert LeFevre, manager of safety standards on General Motors Corp.
The emerging markets, China, Hungary and India are looked at, and we offer forecasts showing market volume for OE drum brakes and disc brakes.
Akebono manufactures a wide range of brake friction materials and foundation brake assemblies, including disc brake calipers and drum brakes.