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What does it mean when you dream about being drunk?

Being drunk, as opposed to simply be intoxicated, can represent loss of control and abandonment to irrational forces. Drunkenness can also symbolize exhaustion, as in the expression “punch drunk.”

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The Say No To Drunks pilot project ran in October and November last year.
The report concluded that training in identifying drunkenness and refusing service of alcohol to drunks should be maintained as a key feature of bar staff training.
The visits were simply used to find out which premises were most "at risk" of serving drunks.
The study recommends that drunks should be taken to sobering-up centres rather than hospital or police cells.
Despite a decades-long campaign to clear drunks off the road, thousands are killed each year in alcohol-related collisions.
So speaking of drunks, do you ever go out and get sweet?
Senior officers are considering compiling a photo album of known drunks and sending copies to shops and stores throughout the district.
There's nothing new about embarrassing sobriety tests for people suspected of drunk driving.
On Super Bowl Sunday, football players aren't the only ones getting hammered: Motorists are more likely to drive drunk and crash on that day than on any other Sunday in January and February, according to a study released Wednesday.
The study, conducted by researchers from the University of Missouri, found that although drinkers may describe a huge difference between their sober and drunk personality, in reality those around them describe the two are being quite similar.
For too long, this society has pooh-poohed drunk driving and hasn't delivered sure punishment to those who drive so carelessly, exhibiting such reckless, abject indifference to everyone else.