dry ice

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dry ice:

see carbon dioxidecarbon dioxide,
chemical compound, CO2, a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that is about one and one-half times as dense as air under ordinary conditions of temperature and pressure. It does not burn, and under normal conditions it is stable, inert and nontoxic.
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Dry Ice


solidified carbon dioxide (CO2). Under ordinary conditions of atmospheric pressure and room temperature, dry ice changes directly to a gas, bypassing the liquid phase. Its name derives from its physical resemblance to ice. Industrial-grade dry ice has a density of approximately 1,560 km/m3 and absorbs approximately 590 kilojoules/kg (140 kilocalories/kg) during sublimation.

Dry ice is used to refrigerate food products, for example, ice cream, during shipment and storage. It is also used in producing low temperatures (approximately –79°C) in scientific research and in assembling and testing certain units in machine building.

dry ice

[¦drī ′īs]
(inorganic chemistry)
Carbon dioxide in the solid form, usually made in blocks to be used as a coolant; changes directly to a gas at -78.5°C as heat is absorbed.

dry ice

solid carbon dioxide, which sublimes at --78.5?C: used as a refrigerant, and to create billows of smoke in stage shows
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The orbiter, which has been circling that planet for several years, has previously taken shots of marks dry ice made while streaking downhill.
In our ongoing medium-term business plan, "Project 2020+," we position our industrial gases business including CO2 gas and dry ice business as "Base-shaping" business.
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The dry ice blast cleaning process is similar in concept to sand or soda blasting, where the respective media is accelerated through a pressurized airstream.
The alley where the explosion took place was covered in a thick fog caused by the dry ice.
Surgical centers and hospitals also benefit from better logistics and the elimination of issues surrounding dry ice transport and storage.
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TEHRAN (FNA)- A dry ice explosion occurred late Monday at Los Angeles International Airport, but there were no reports of any injuries or evacuations, authorities said.
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