dry stock

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dry wood

1. (US) Wood dried to a moisture content of from 15 to 19%.
2. (Brit.) Wood dried to a moisture content of from 15 to 23%.
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The lean-to next to the barn shelters our heifers and dry stock all winter.
One would imagine, in view of the fact that it is a new niche area with obvious potential for expansion and providing alternative enterprises to the glut in the cattle trade, that the Department should be offering the same inducements as existing dry stock and milk producing farmers are receiving.
Oracle Energy Downstream brings key fuels functionality such as Inventory Management, Supply Management, Ordering and Receiving, Replenishment, Pricing, and Dealer Management, while the Retek Merchandising System brings key dry stock merchandising functions such as Inventory Management, Purchasing and Receiving, Price and Promotion Management, Allocation and Replenishment.
Air dry stock can be kilned with no degrade, but users are warned to watch for staining of the wood.
If approved, the new Salt Barn at Balthane, which has already received Planning permission, will increase the stockholding on the Island to 10,000 tonnes of covered and dry stock.
and Irish businesses include "Homepride" sauces, "OXO" dry stocks, "Batchelors" dry soup and meals, "Erin" dry soups and sauces, and "Fray Bentos" meat products.