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The McMurdo Dry Valleys (MCM), Antarctica, harbor numerous perennially ice-covered lakes in our planet's coldest and driest desert (Priscu et al.
The Dry Valley area where they were taken by helicopter from their camp at McMurdo/Scott Base Station, about 60 miles away, is snow-free although surrounded by ice shelves.
Ecosystems in cold, dry locations on Earth, such as the Antarctic dry valleys, provide examples of how life on early Mars might have survived and where to look for fossils.
With an increased awareness of the importance of water in these Cold Desert soils, some attention has been given to the characteristics of summer soil moisture values and how these vary on a geographic basis within the Dry Valley region (Balks et al.
We tested whether Dry Valley nematode communities are sensitive to changes in the soil environment by instituting a 1-yr field experiment manipulating soil moisture, carbon, and temperature at a site in Taylor Valley, Antarctica, where the microbivore Scottnema lindsayae and omnivore-predator Eudorylaimus antarcticus co-occurred.
Located on 1,000 acres in southeast Idaho, between Soda Springs and the Wyoming border, the Dry Valley Mine has enough phosphate ore reserves to run FMC's elemental phosphorus refining plant in Pocatello, Idaho for many years to come, handling a large percentage of the nation's industrial phosphorus needs.
His novels Derevnya (1910; translated as The Village, 1923) and Sukhodol (1911; translated as Dry Valley, 1935), written in the restrained " classical " style of Turgenev, Goncharov, or Chekhov, depict the stagnation of life in provincial Russia.
Dunn brings 25 years of industry expertise to this role, most recently as Managing Director of Dry Valley Advisors, LLC, a business-consulting firm in the shareholder services and investor relations industry.
The Dry Valley Creek bridge on Missouri Route 32 in Dent County is set for replacement this summer under a contract approved by the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission.
8) Not lacking in confidence, Taylor would do everything he could in the years that followed to make sure the Dry Valley and the glacier that flowed into it took his name.
But take that same plant and put it in our dry Valley and it will suddenly experience rapid loss of water through its leaves, and at a rate faster than it can replenish it by pulling up water from the soil.
Other plants well-suited to acid soil and our hot and dry Valley climate are junipers and arborvitae.