dual boot

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dual boot

(operating system)
Any system offering the user the choice of two operation systems (OSes) under which to start a computer. A dual boot system allows the user to run programs for both operating systems on a single computer (though not simultaneously). The term "multiple boot" or "multiboot" extends the idea to more than two OSes.

The OSes are generally unaware of each other's existence. They are installed on separate hard disk partitions or on separate disks. They may be able to access each other's files, possibly via some extra driver software if they use different file systems.

The OSes need not be completely different - they might be different versions of Microsoft Windows (e.g. Windows XP and Windows NT) or Linux (e.g. Debian and Fedora).

A dual boot system differs from an emulator such as vmware, which runs one or more OSes "on top" of the primary OS, using its resources.

dual boot

A computer with two operating systems. At startup, a boot manager program lets the user choose which one to load. "Multiboot" may refer to a dual boot system or to hosting more than two operating systems.

All the Boots You Ever Wanted
System Commander from V Communications was a boot manager that let you install multiple operating systems.
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This utility offers all the standard and advanced features you'd want to have available in a disk partitioning tool, and it helps create a dual boot Windows 7 system with XP or Vista with a fairly basic procedure while keeping data intact:
In this case, either a Virtual Machine or a dual boot system can be used.
We're especially excited to be able to offer our customers computer systems with dual boot Corel LINUX OS/Windows capabilities.
Google and Microsoft may have done Asus a favor There's an incredibly limited subset of buyers who might be interested in dual boot aACAo mostly developers who are stuck developing for multiple operating systems.
It was a PC with both Windows and Linux Red Hat installed in dual boot.
2) Dual Boot: A dual boot system allows the installation of two operating systems on the same hard drive, allowing either system to be booted.
You can download it for free and easily set up your laptop or other computer to dual boot two systems.
The software can be installed as a dual boot, enabling customers to use it without overwriting their existing Windows system.
The software can be installed as a dual boot, allowing customers to use it without overwriting their existing Windows system.
The SAM9G45 board offers dual boot capability, supporting Linux(R) and Microsoft(R) Windows(R)CE, with a pre-programmed demo showing the basic programming functionalities available under Linux and WinCE.
The dual boot configuration enables administrators to power on any particular server or group of servers depending on the application which needs to be run.
If you want to dual boot with Windows you'll have to partition your hard drive.