dual vent

dual vent, common vent, unit vent

dual vent
In plumbing, a single vent, 1 connected at the junction of two fixture drains, which serves as a vent for both.
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6 804 kg), VI) Dual vent door system, VII) Rigid 9G barrier, VIII) 28-VDC independent cargo door hydraulic system, IX) Main deck converted to Class "E" Cargo Compartment, and X) Installation of lightweight aluminum window plugs in the place of cabin windows.
6 804 kg) payload can be flown 800 nm (1,482 km) - Dual vent door system - Rigid 9G barrier - 28-VDC independent cargo door hydraulic system - Main deck converted to Class aEa Cargo Compartment - Cabin windows replaced with lightweight aluminum window plugs
Max Hernandez, owner of Baltimore-based Apparel Company, invented and received a utility patent for a dual vent fly in 2000 and applied the pioneering technology to boxer shorts.
with 35:1 L/D and dual vents, which puts out up to 2750 lb/hr of wood-plastic profiles at speeds up to 5 meters/min.
dual vents and dual mixing zones with pentagonal barrel cross-section, twin-screw side feeder for fiberglass, and an axial-type barrel valve, consisting of a variable-restriction barrel section in which shearing action can be adjusted by moving the screw backward or forward up to 15 mm.

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