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, dubbing
Brit a greasy mixture of tallow and oil applied to leather to soften it and make it waterproof

dubbing out, dubbing

1. Filling in hollow and irregular surfaces and leveling walls with plaster before regular plasterwork.
2. Forming, very roughly, a plaster cornice, before the final plaster coat is applied.
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With ZOOdubs, content owners now have greater visibility of the dubbing process.
Chaume Varela calls dubbing in the latter sense "interlingual sound postsynchronization".
For instance, Telugu movie Bahubali was dubbed into Tamil Dubbing ban since 1962 deprived Kannadigas of watching movies & serials in other languages.
There is a lost element here that can only come through in dubbing, because you have a talented actor who acts anew what is being said in the target language.
Obviously, this dubbing problem exists mainly in regions where Spanish, French, English and to a lesser extent, Portuguese are spoken.
Directors in the dubbing world believe that black people have black voices.
Dubbing confusion:In Germany today dubbing provides well-paid careers for actors whose voices are famous while their faces remain unknown to the public.
Moving from the individual case study to the broader context, the third chapter, 'La situazione del doppiaggio', focuses on professional issues of dubbing within the Italian context.
Live video direction of dubbing sessions and real-time collaborative script review is all carried out within ZOOdubs, with voice artists and dubbing directors able to work together anytime, anywhere.
The Kannada film industry seems to be facing a crisis over dubbing.
Instead of translating or dubbing the words, they are simply muted and the dialogue becomes open to the viewer's interpretations and assumptions.
Dubbing has many intricacies, including the ability to facilitate international sales.