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, dubbing
Brit a greasy mixture of tallow and oil applied to leather to soften it and make it waterproof

dubbing out, dubbing

1. Filling in hollow and irregular surfaces and leveling walls with plaster before regular plasterwork.
2. Forming, very roughly, a plaster cornice, before the final plaster coat is applied.
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It's clear that in order to monetize those dormant assets, the dubbing and distribution sectors have to come up with a new business model where both sectors can share costs and revenues.
The investigation onto the matter was conducted after black actress and singer Yasmine Modestine complained that she had been the victim of discrimination when she was excluded from dubbing a white star in an American television series.
Additionally, Dubbing Brothers offers a full complement of added value services for clients who require dubbed global versions for theatrical, television, DVD and video game content.
If Welsh dubbing on news bulletins proved popular, could S4C air Hollywood blockbusters in Welsh?
The actor, who participated in a debate on dubbing on Kannada News channel TV9, was aggressive in condemning Kambar.
Israel uses subtitles, Poland prefers voice-over and Hungary chooses dubbing," said Michelle Wasserman, head of International Business, Programming, Formats and Production Services at Buenos Aires-based Telefe.
By avoiding the legislative route to promote dubbing, the Minister subscribes to the recent recommendations of Mr.
Now, it is rumored that CCI is on the verge of giving its verdict and is expected to be in favour of dubbing.
She criticized the methods used for dubbing, saying dubbed content often "ends up being in a neutral Spanish that the people are not accustomed to hearing.
will continue with Allied, managing day-to-day operations and ensuring the transition will be seamless for Denver Dubbing customers.
The CDR 2, which records on both write-once audio CD-R discs and rewritable audio CD-RW discs, facilitates effortless CD-to-CD dubbing, thanks to its high-speed dubbing and disc-finalization capabilities -- features exclusive to the Harman Kardon CDR 2.
Dubbing English flicks accounts for almost 70 per cent business in India.