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Dilation, especially of a hollow organ.



limited dilatation of the lumen of a hollow organ or blood vessel. Ectasia may be congenital, as in the case of bronchiectasis and telangiectasia. However, the condition occurs more often as a result of stenosis, above which the lumen of a hollow organ dilates. It is treated by surgery.

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The final histopathology showed, benign intra- ductal papilloma 13(36%), duct ectasia 18(50%), DCIS 1 (2.
In our study, 69 patients interpreted by triple assessment as benign correlated with the histopathological findings whereas of 10 malignant lumps, 10 turned out to be malignant and one cases suspicious which are later diagnosed by histopathologically duct ectasia.
Histopathology again revealed benign breast tissue, including sclerosing adenosis (Figures 3 and 4), ductal hyperplasia of the usual type, duct ectasia, small benign papilloma, and fibrocystic changes.
A single case of duct ectasia with axillary lymph nodes was misdiagnosed as cancer by clinical and ultrasound methods, but histology confirmed its benignity.
Causes of nipple discharge Physiological Galactorrhoea Mammary duct ectasia Intraduct papilloma Carcinoma Purulent discharge from breast abscess Drugs (e.
No microlithiasis, excretory duct ectasia, squamous metaplasia of the ductal epithelium, or salivary extravasation were detected.
The other miscellaneous group (Group 3) had 18 patients with other benign conditions as Lipoma, Cyst, Duct ectasia, etc.
The cases included normal breast tissue obtained from 6 reduction mammoplasty specimens, 8 cases with fibrocystic change, 8 fibroadenomas, 5 intraduct papillomas, 2 lactating adenomas, 3 cases with duct ectasia, 7 gynecomastia, and 63 invasive carcinomas including 3 male cases.