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Slang the rump or buttocks



(Russian, shtyb), particles of hard coal less than 6 mm in size.

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Fox successfully sued, and the Duff beer was removed from shelves.
Earles, who spoke at the ceremony, recalled Duff as a young man at Oxford and his contribution to establishing key organisations in the Emirates.
Duff has put his house up for sale and told friends he wants a move back south.
At yesterday's hearing, Alison Wilkinson, prosecuting, applied for the case to be withdrawn, saying correspondence had been received from Duff.
Duff might not have any artistic integrity but at least she has her dignity (so she thinks) on the title track, "Dignity.
But in completing a cut-price pounds 5mil-lion move to United, and signing a five-year contract, Duff is just eager to play football regularly rather than endure bench life under Jose Mourinho.
Duff attended Fairleigh Dickinson University and Dean College.
Heather Locklear, left, Aria Wallace and Hilary Duff are a family that never stays in one place too long, until Duff's character hatches a plan to change that in ``The Perfect Man.
A deal for Damien Duff will be done this week," revealed a Blackburn source.
Frank Duff worked for more than fifty years in them.
1156 soil infrequent Gray Hohenbulia peltaloides(Berk) 1127 lignicolous/ Singer duff common Panus crinitus (L.
Six years ago, Lyn Duff says, her mother institutionalized her at the age of 15.