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Slang the rump or buttocks



(Russian, shtyb), particles of hard coal less than 6 mm in size.

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Duff focuses on a male first cousin, once a constant childhood companion, who as an adult was convicted of manslaughter.
The home truths here really are not the truths about the home where Duff grew up, but about the discordant home that he carries with him, in his heart and mind.
Moanne Russell, of Summerston, in Glasgow, has led the campaign against Duff, who attracted 228 complaints from patients, 48 of whom are still pursuing compensation claims.
Duff, 39, and his wife, 36, were nowhere to be seen around Kilbarchan this week, though a gold four-by-four-style vehicle and a BMW estate with a personalised number plate, both of them new, were in the drive.
An elderly gentleman answered the door and at first denied Duff lived there, before adding: "He doesn't want to talk.
Across the street at Bobbins tearoom and craft shop, an assistant confirmed it is co-owned by Susan Duff and that she regularly works there twice a week.
One local said: "William Duff is never seen in the two local pubs, the Glenleven or the Trust, nor does he mix very much in the area.