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CHITRAL -- Sarhad Rural Support Programme (SRSP) completed some 16 dug well of potable drinking water in different area of Chitral town.
Miller 1982), the oldest known hand dug well existing today is located in Pakistan and is dated at 3000 B.
Existing 10 unit the dug well and 3 unit the pipeline that ready to used for drinking water which could be accessed by 1000 families
In these two provinces, 46 and 72 % of the rural population depends on water either from a dug well, river, canal or stream.
80 crore were released through NABARD covering 88753 beneficiaries for construction of dug well recharge structures in their farm land.
Tenders are invited for Rate Contract For Repair & Installation Of Tube Wells & Dug Wells In Different Slums At Rourkela Industrial Township (2015-16)
He said the projects would be executed in Sabriobak, Alisher, Utrizai, Musakehl, Tani, Zazi Maidan, Ismailkhel and Mandozai localities, including projects of protection walls, dug wells, bridges, culverts, roads and bridges.
This number dwarfs the impact of the "small-scale" sources--from dug wells to rainwater harvesting--that many believe have done the most to solve the problem.
Talking on a point the Governor also sought a list of both tube-wells and dug wells alongwith detail report on their prevailing state of working in FATA and further desired that efficient arrangements also have to be made to ensure proper functionalization of the entire lot.
The foundation has provided medicines and medical equipment to people of special needs, dug wells to provide clean water to the needy in Saudi Arabia and abroad, encouraged thinkers and researchers by printing their books and publications and helped old men and women," Al Saihani said.
WHEN KARIN MULLER, filmmaker and author, was in the Peace Corps from 1987 to 1989, she dug wells and built schools in a village in the Philippines.
Drilled wells are more expensive than dug wells, but are less susceptible to surface contamination and usually have more dependable water flows.