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(dŭm`dəm), four towns in Suburban Kolkata (Calcutta), West Bengal state, E central India.

South Dumdum (1991 pop. 230,507) is a residential area of the northern edge of metropolitan Kolkata, while

North Dumdum (1991 pop. 151,298) contains several large rural enclaves. The

Dumdum Aerodrome Area (1991 pop. 5,012) is the site of Kolkata's international airport. The town of

Dumdum (1991 pop. 40,961), founded in 1783, has iron- and steelworks, glass and soap factories, and engineering works. In the 19th cent. its arsenal was the first to manufacture lead-nosed bullets that spread on impact, inflicting a tearing wound. In 1905, Great Britain acceded to the prohibition of dumdum bullets adopted by the first Hague Conference in 1899.



an exploding bullet with a cross-like incision or cavity in the head. These bullets were first used by the British Army in the Boer War of 1899-1902. They inflict severe wounds in which the exit opening is considerably larger than the entry opening. The bullet was named for the suburb of Dum Dum in Calcutta, India, where the cartridge factory that made the bullets for the British was located. Several armies, not including the Russian and Soviet armies, perfected mushrooming bullets and used them in World Wars I and II.


A bullet that flattens excessively on contact, or one especially designed to flatten excessively.
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Dumdum bullets were designed for use against native populations in British colonies.
Although it is unlikely that international policymakers would consider sweeping new controls on the conventional arms trade, it is not unrealistic to propose additions or modifications to the two existing measures in this field the ban on dumdum bullets and the inhumane weapons convention.
THE family of a man shot dead on the Tube by police yesterday demanded to know if dumdum bullets were used.
The pair also had a huge cache of ammunition, including dumdum bullets banned by the Geneva Convention.
The SA80 was found with two sawn-off shotguns, another rifle and ammunition including dumdum bullets, which are banned under the Geneva Convention, which disintegrate on impact to cause maximum injury.
They raided his house in Lambeth, South London, and found seven cartridges and three dumdum bullets.
A former member of the anti-tank platoon, known as 027, has already alleged that colleagues used illegal dumdum bullets and deliberately shot unarmed civilians in the city on January 30, 1972.