dung beetle

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dung beetle:

see scarab beetlescarab beetle
or scarab,
name for members of a large family of heavy-bodied, oval beetles (the Scarabaeidae), with about 30,000 species distributed throughout most of the world and over 1,200 in North America.
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Dr Knell said: "Interestingly, some male dung beetles don't fight over females.
WONDERS Fleas accelerate 20 times faster than rockets while locusts can eat their own body weight every day DIRTY WORK Dung beetles are the world's strongest insect
It gives off an odor convincing enough to win the attention of dung beetles.
To give their young a start in life, female dung beetles - which have much larger horns than males - make balls of dung, called brood balls, from cowpats and bury them underground.
Dung beetle assemblage structure in Tswalu Kalahari Reserve: responses to a mosaic of landscape types, vegetation communities, and dung types.
From the world of the dung beetle outwards, educator Waltner-Toews explores the uses and dangers of human and animal waste, touching on agriculture, biology, biodiversity, global ecosystems, and ecological sustainability.
IF you''re a wildlife presenter who spends the majority of his time rolling around in the mud, attempting to unearth the daily habits of a dung beetle, it''s best to be prepared.
Designed by Roger Titley, the South African puppeteer who was also behind the larger-than-life dung beetle and elephants that appeared in the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, iDANS's "iKEDi"s (or "iCAT"s) first made their presence felt in the city during the festival's 2010 edition.
On top of the initial confusion, the elaborate gothic house is run down, the food is execrable (unless you happen to be a dung beetle or a fly, as are two of the guests) and the staff turn out to be actors hired (unlucky them) for the weekend by an unknown employer.
Step back in amazement and meet little Richard's dung beetle.
Both RIL and CL differed significantly from unlogged forests in terms of bird and ant species composition (although both retained a large number of the species found in unlogged forests), whereas the composition of dung beetle communities did not differ significantly among forest types.
Modelled upon the Scarabaeidae family of dung beetle, which rolls dung into a ball for the purposes of eating and laying eggs that are later transformed into larva, the scarab was seen as an earthly symbol of this heavenly cycle.