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Meredith offered to purchase KMOV plus two stations in Arizona, where the potential for duopolies also existed, for some $407 million.
Thus, facts concerning not only structure but also conduct and performance are used to decide public policy for a monopoly and the same criteria should be employed with duopolies and concentrated oligopolies.
So (FMS, FMS) is an equilibrium in both the mixed and private duopolies if s < min{[[sigma].
Duopolies, say both the Big Four nets and indie station owners, are the only sure way to ensure growth as viewing fragments.
Hub duopolies were defined as airports where two airlines each had at least a 25 percent share of the departures.
Two pending acquisitions that would create white-owned duopolies in the Washington, D.
may soon be home to more duopolies than any other market.
This includes six duopolies in the top 10 markets: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Washington, D.
duopolies, the Chris-Craft deal brought another in Phoenix.
The USA purchase will create duopolies for Univision in seven markets -- Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami, Houston, Dallas and Tampa.
Since there are about 100 LMAs in existence, CBS worries that if they are given priority, they could cause problems for its plan to create duopolies.