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A condition in which two entities dominate a market. Pronounced "doo-op-a-lee." For example, Windows and Mac are a personal computer duopoly. iOS and Android are a smartphone duopoly.



a term used in bourgeois political economy to define a market structure of a sector of the economy in developed capitalist countries in which there are only two suppliers of a certain commodity and they have made no monopolistic agreements on prices, markets, production quotas, etc.

The concept of duopoly reflects various forms of market organization. The first form is a market that is dominated by two large commercial-industrial companies having a secret agreement ensuring maximum profit through nonequivalent exchange. Such a situation was typical in the beginning of the 20th century. The second form is a market of some contemporary sector of mass production that is controlled by two companies. Usually there exists between them a tacit agreement on monopolistic prices, and nonprice competition is practiced. The third form is a market in which there are two suppliers but a complete absence of any monopolistic agreement. This is possible under two conditions: the temporary situation in which a new commodity is initally being produced, involving a “test of strength” between two suppliers, and the situation in which competition is bitter during a transition period from simple to more developed forms of monopoly. Some bourgeois economists point to the latter to prove the possibility of a continuous absence of monopoly in conditions of highly concentrated production. The majority of contemporary bourgeois economists, however, consider duopoly as a variety of monopoly (a view that corresponds to the facts).

Economic and mathematical research in duopoly was begun in the 19th century by A. Cournot and J. Bertrand of France and F. Edgeworth of Great Britain. In the 1930’s, H. Stackelberg (Germany) described certain aspects of duopoly that depended on the conduct of duopolists. The contemporary theory about duopoly originated under the influence of the monopolistic competition theories of E. H. Chamberlin (USA) and the imperfect competition theories of J. Robinson (England); the works of R. Triffin (USA) began to take into account the more complicated character of real market conditions, such as the interdependence of economic sectors, the changes in demand and in assets, different kinds of duopoly and market institutions, the scope of information about the market, and so on.


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While the Duopoly focuses on 5G hotspots in urban areas, T-Mobile understands that customers need a 5G connection that won't disappear when they leave the house or get to the end of the block.
The executive said there were several interested investors in the telco industry here, but added that these groups were just afraid to pour investments due to concerns on how they would be able to recover, given the duopoly of two players who can match whatever rates the third player would offer.
When two companies have cornered all or nearly all of the market for a product or service, they are considered a duopoly, the most basic form of oligopoly.
Speaking before a normally skeptical audience of fellows of the Foundation for Economic Freedom, Secretary Rio explained his strategy would make the third player focus on areas where the duopoly is weak.
To ensure the duopoly was finally broken, Andanar said the third telco player would be barred from selling its shares later to any existing telco.
Publishers can't beat duopoly data scale, but they can tell their clients and partners things about discreet audiences that the duopoly can't.
In April at the Top CEO conference in Jeddah, Middle East media executives expressed their concerns over two giants' duopoly, calling on the governments to move draw up taxation on the two companies, Arab News reported on Monday.
In the Reverse Incentive Auction, NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations relinquished spectrum in three of its duopoly markets -- New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago.
In other words, the duopoly will choose to locate as far away as possible but invest the same amount of R&D expenditures.
Scott Bicheno, analyst at Strategy Analytics, said the latest trends showed 'the worldwide smartphone industry has effectively become a duopoly as consumer demand has polarized around mass-market Android models and premium Apple designs,' the report added.
The economic literature is filled with different theories of oligopoly and duopoly ranging from perfect collusion to cutthroat price competition.
In her report on the dangers of beer duopoly, excerpted above, Ms.