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Rick Rutkowski continued, "We set an aggressive goal of reducing NOx to 2PPM later in 2013, and with this most recent announcement, I am more confident than ever that we will achieve this milestone using a combination of ClearSign's Electrodynamic Combustion Control (ECC) and Duplex Burner Architecture technologies.
Colannino commented, "The Duplex Burner Architecture is proving to be a powerful approach to reducing NOx to unprecedented levels, without elevating CO, and while maintaining customary or lower levels of O2 in the stack.
Operating at a heat release of 5mmBtu/h and temperatures above 1,600F, ClearSign's Duplex burner successfully limited nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from natural gas to less than 5 parts per million (ppm) and carbon monoxide (CO) to near-zero levels.
In 1865 Joseph married his partner Francis Ann Dain, and patented the Duplex burner which revolutionised oil lamps.
Earlier today, we announced that we successfully demonstrated our Duplex burner architecture can not only be scaled up to very large commercial applications such as gas-fired boilers and refinery heaters, but could also be scaled down for use in small systems such as residential hot water heaters.
By contrast, we believe ClearSign's Duplex Burner technology promises to reverse this trend by potentially eliminating these requirements and removing the constraint to operating range.
Previously, we demonstrated that the Duplex Burner architecture can reduce NOx emissions to as low as 2ppm and can maintain CO at low single digit levels while eliminating costly external flue gas recirculation (EFGR) and providing major improvements in flame shape.
This morning's announcement that we have now demonstrated that ClearSign's Duplex burner architecture may support the long-sought industry goal of achieving near-zero emissions of both NOx and CO, while offering the most compelling combination of performance and ownership costs of any technology on the market today.
Moreover the Duplex burner features a dramatically lower ongoing cost of ownership as compared to these costly "post-combustion" systems.
11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ClearSign Combustion Corporation (NASDAQ: CLIR), an emerging leader in combustion and emissions control technology for industrial, commercial and utility markets, reported today that it has adapted a conventional commercially available burner using its proprietary Duplex burner architecture to successfully demonstrate a 90% reduction in NOx emissions (from 50ppm to 5ppm) in a system designed to closely resemble a standard commercial firetube boiler.
We believe that, in a large number of cases installing or upgrading to a Duplex burner will simply make good business sense because it may save millions of dollars if not tens of millions of dollars over the life of a system.