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carrying out similar or identical actions to attain the same aim; or making something in two sets, repetition, doubling. An example of duplication is the joint flight of a pilot trainee and of an instructor in a two-seated training aircraft on which the control instruments are firmly coupled and control can be exercised from either seat.

Duplication, as a one-time reserve, is a technique widely used in technology to increase the reliability of a system or unit or its essential elements or parts. The main and the reserve objects form a duplicated group. Duplication may be of two kinds: in permanent duplication, the main and the reserve objects function simultaneously and are in identical operating conditions; in replacement duplication (manual or automatic), the reserve object begins to function only after the main object fails. Under the second method the reserve object is, until the moment of replacement, in a nonfunctioning state and therefore less liable to failure than the main object.


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Now we need to remove the duplicated records and put back the unique ones.
This step is used for grouping the records that are most likely to be duplicated based on the similarity of block-token-key.
Dashboards with real-time roll ups of actual project activities are important in eliminating waste due to misinformation and duplicated tasks.
362(e)(1) eliminate duplicated BILs in certain other Sec.
But it's a necessary task: in active clusters of duplicated genes, where repeated near-copies of the same sequence in the same region of DNA encode functional products, the genes are so similar that it is hard to be sure that the sequenced DNA has been assembled in the right order.
DeltaStor software eliminates the need to store unchanged or duplicated data within files so users can store more data online at significantly lower cost, delivering the highest level of data de-duplication ratios without affecting the backup window.
It generally eliminates gains and losses on preferred stock and equalizes gains and losses on common stock, but may not necessarily eliminate all duplicated losses.
The solution acts as a rebate validation gateway, ensuring that data is accurate, that no data is duplicated, and that all prescriptions included are eligible for rebates under the regulation," said Mel Walker, senior director of strategy for life sciences at I-many.
Once again, the BRR neutralized the potential for a $30 duplicated loss created by the contribution of land to S and the reduction in the CS2 basis.
All duplicated components and subsystems run simultaneously in precise lockstep.
Under the rule, if after applying the basis-redetermination rule, a group member recognizes a loss on an S stock disposition and S remains in the group immediately thereafter, the selling member's stock loss is suspended to the extent of the duplicated loss.