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carrying out similar or identical actions to attain the same aim; or making something in two sets, repetition, doubling. An example of duplication is the joint flight of a pilot trainee and of an instructor in a two-seated training aircraft on which the control instruments are firmly coupled and control can be exercised from either seat.

Duplication, as a one-time reserve, is a technique widely used in technology to increase the reliability of a system or unit or its essential elements or parts. The main and the reserve objects form a duplicated group. Duplication may be of two kinds: in permanent duplication, the main and the reserve objects function simultaneously and are in identical operating conditions; in replacement duplication (manual or automatic), the reserve object begins to function only after the main object fails. Under the second method the reserve object is, until the moment of replacement, in a nonfunctioning state and therefore less liable to failure than the main object.


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Some of these duplicate companies built up a complete plant, and gave good local service, while others proved to be mere stock bubbles.
Denis, I feel certain we have seen enough of them to duplicate him if necessary.
Our every move was carefully noted upon our maps which we now kept in duplicate.
Here he had a duplicate made, waiting impatiently while the old man fashioned it with the crude instruments of his time.
Everything had to be done through a third party, and generally in duplicate.
And yet, on looking over the register of seeds and bulbs, which Van Baerle kept in duplicate, if possible even with greater exactitude and care than the first commercial houses of Amsterdam their ledgers, Boxtel read these lines: --
And so the Ship of Fools sailed on, all aft fooling and befouling, from the guileless-eyed, gentle-souled Finnish mate, who, with the scent of treasure pungent in his nostrils, with a duplicate key stole the ship's daily position from Captain Doane's locked desk, to Ah Moy, the cook, who kept Kwaque at a distance and never whispered warning to the others of the risk they ran from continual contact with the carrier of the terrible disease.
The Canadian and Mexican patriots, who were far stronger than the Iron Heel dreamed, were to duplicate our tactics.
This contract, executed in duplicate, was signed by Barbicane, president of the Gun Club, of the one part, and T.
I had the sense to make a duplicate of the right parcel, and now, my friend, you've got the duplicate and I've got the jewels.
Repeat the last clause to yourself once or twice, and make the acquaintance of the duplicate infinite.
My object now was to examine the duplicate register of Old Welmingham Church.