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I CAN only concur in general with the writers who state that although the BNP are very unpleasant, our duplicitous politicians from all three parties are not only politically correct but are selling us out to Europe without any thought of what the British public really want.
Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is duplicitous regarding his affordable-housing spiel.
Cole himself appears little more than another soulless mercenary on the take, with an agent who redefines the words grasping and duplicitous.
As far as I'm concerned it shows a duplicitous arrogance on their part.
By way of contrast, the Potter refuge -- Hogwarts -- is a grim and frightening place, harboring poltergeists, menacing ghosts like the Bloody Baron, basilisks, duplicitous wizards, three-headed hellhounds, and a creepy night watchman, among others, and set amidst forests teeming with threatening monsters.
Yet whether they are defenders or detractors of Bill Clinton's sometimes duplicitous handling of the matter, gay observers agree that the resilient president broke through the turmoil surrounding the executive mansion to post some important victories for gays.
Maybe among the sea of duplicitous politicians, saucy vicars, corrupt industrialists, and the rest who daily sleaze up the front page, artists, like good deeds in a naughty world, will come to form the only respectable (and second oldest) profession left.
The boys have disowned their duplicitous father and mother who are lost to them forever.
When the two finally go on display they will be seen in character - as helper Lou (Walliams) and his duplicitous patient-friend Andy (Lucas).
Namely, freedom from James Hahn's economic development demons - that gang of arrogant, duplicitous and corrupt bureaucrats; those urban-planning visionaries from hell.
Shulman has an uncanny ability to translate the dramatic three-dimensionality of the fabulous domestic architecture of '50s Los Angeles into the duplicitous flatness of the photograph: thrusting, cantilevered roofs, suspended panes of liquid glass, and the spare but lively interiors bleeding into the texture of the city beyond are all compressed into the lusciously evocative surface of the picture.
OTC BB: ESRG), an Internet and technology holding company Monday announced the move of its corporate offices and the closing of two operating subsidiaries as a corporate realignment and cost cutting campaign of non-profitable and duplicitous operations.