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The very large football-sized spikey prehistoric-looking fruit can weight up to 10 lbs (4.5kg) and has been known to kill people falling from the tree. It’s said they fall mainly at night when people aren’t around. The tropical tree is very large- 75-150 ft tall (25-75m). They begin fruiting after 4-5 years and can bear fruit twice a year. People either love or hate the fruit. On one side, it can smell like rotten eggs because of it’s high sulfur content (which is great for youthful skin). This strong odor brings forth vile disgust in many people. But others love the fruit because it’s sweet dessert-like inner flesh looks and tastes like custard, flan or creme brulee, and is quite popular as an aphrodisiac. Very high in tryptophan, which makes people feel good and relax. Also high in protein, sugar, healthy fats and carbs for energy. Each durian has 5 segments which can break open by hand when ripe. Each segment has a soft mass of custard-like flesh with a nut inside. This can be eaten raw or dehydrated or mixed into a pudding in a blender. Nut is also edible. Durian fruit looks similar to Jackfruit on the outside, but isn’t related.
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Durio fired his personal weapon at the suspect, striking him in the left shoulder,'' a sheriff's report said.
Some of the strangest: the viper's gourd (Trichosanthes anguina), a native to China that looks at first like a mass of writhing snakes but turns out to be long, snaky gourds; monk's hood (Aconitum napellus), an English herbaceous plant so poisonous early warriors used to smear its juices on their spears and arrows to kill an enemy; and Durio zibethinus, a prickly fruit that looks like a hedgehog, filled with a cheesy white edible inside that's considered a delicacy by those who can tolerate its smell, described as being like ``French custard passed through a sewer pipe.
Contact: Sue Durio of Amicus Networks, 512-418-8828, ext.
Chad Durio and Robert Johnson each scored 16 for the Falcons, who dropped to 9-12.
Officers arrested Pacoima residents Jerome Joyner, 20, and Daniel Durio, 18, on suspicion of being in possession of stolen firearms, Bishop said.