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He's always got a cheery wave and joke for them when he passed with his dustcart.
The explanation, I am told, is that driving a dustcart is a very skilled job.
On the day, the city's dustcarts mustered in Sophia Gardens then, loaded with waving children decked out in their Sunday best, plodded slowly along, at the rear of the parade, to the City Hall where they were reviewed by his worship the Lord Mayor.
A BABY rabbit was rescued from a rubbish bin seconds before being hurled into a dustcart crusher.
His monumental error of judgement allowed a rag- and-bone nag carrying a dustcart to make up 10 lengths on him in the last few strides.
There's been some unsavoury, smelly stuff lurking around and star performer Joe Brolly (right) is eager to bundle it off in the back of a dustcart.
Another Hampton Court Road resident, retired drummer Joseph Dignam, said he had been told there were too many parked cars for a dustcart to get down the street.
Steve, a gardener, says: "People think I have a strange hobby but nothing comes close to the thrill of riding in a dustcart.
As from the beginning of April, two new Dustcart vehicles, purchased form Warwick-based manufacturer Dennis Eagle, will be added to their fleet.
TRAIN passengers missed disaster by seconds when a dustcart stopped on a crossing four days before the Reading horror, The People can reveal.
A COUNCIL defended its fortnightly rubbish collections yesterday after a woman became so fed up she bought her own dustcart.
Yesterday, Lamby Way tip dustcart drivers - who are not involved in the dispute over binmen's pay - were making on average three times more trips than normal from the public access skips to the landfill site itself.