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Apart from bamboo and rattan, the duo used leather binding and plastic for the two dustpans.
ItAEs a compact little trolley with hooks for all the dustpans and brushes Kim and Aggie could want and a space underneath for the bright yellow vacuum cleaner u which even picks up dirt
Young men sweep piles of discarded petals, stems and leaves into gigantic metal dustpans, while others move stacks of boxes back and forth on wide trolleys.
The slightest misstep when making a signal could have service members heading to their racks instead of breaking out brooms and dustpans for sweepers just the type of chaos that is less than desirable on a ship.
Shoes, badly fitting or left on the stairs, cause 300 accidents a year, closely followed by door mats, 165, dustpans, 146, and bread bins, 91.
Caldwell created a dustpan, which wasn't exactly an instant success -- most stores shunned the dustpan, since it sold for $1 and metal dustpans were 39 cents.
Symbolic of domestic violence, crockery will be smashed during worship - and the shattered pieces swept under a carpet, then brushed into dustpans and finally formed into the shape of a cross in the aisle.
His ongoing negotiation with Rutherford Selig over the manufacture and sale of dustpans manifests his longing for the white man's success and for opportunities to exploit African Americans' labor potential.
Dustpans caused 146 injuries, breadbins 91, talcum powder 73, toilet roll holders 329, clogs 622, false teeth 933 and wellies 5,615.
Remco's Dustpans and Bowl Scoops feature an ergonomic raised handle design with a thumb grip for more comfortable use.
The men gather round Kosky's truck, taking blowers, dustpans, gloves and other gear to their various tasks.
The set of brooms, collapsible dustpans and carpet beater "pampagpag," as Samson put itcome with stained bamboo handles and are anchored on a rattan frame that could be hung behind a door.