dwarf tree

dwarf tree,

in horticultural practice, a tree artificially kept to a smaller size than is normal for average members of the species. This is usually accomplished either by limiting its root space and food and by careful pruning or by grafting it on the rootstock of a smaller species. Dwarf trees (their culture is an ancient Japanese art called bonsaibonsai
, art of cultivating dwarf trees. Bonsai, developed by the Japanese more than a thousand years ago, is derived from the Chinese practice of growing miniature plants.
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) utilize limited space and are grown for ornamental purposes. Dwarf fruit trees are valued for both decoration and fruit production in small gardens. Natural dwarfing occurs among plants growing in areas where only low-growing varieties can survive (see alpine plantsalpine plants,
high-altitude representatives of various flowering plants (chiefly perennials) that because of their dwarf habit, profuse blooming, and the preference of many for shady places are cultivated in alpine and rock gardens.
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See G. E. Severn, Miniature Trees in the Japanese Style (1967), M. Kawasumi, Introductory Bonsai (1972).

References in classic literature ?
Lop-Ear and I slept that night in a dwarf tree, no larger than a bush.
It was a lonely spot and but for a vague shape of a dwarf tree here and there we had only the flying clouds for company.
But from a yet farther seat, partly concealed behind a dwarf tree golden with oranges, there rose and advanced towards the poet a person whose costume was the most aggressively opposite to his own.
He led the way through the gap to a patch of turf on the heathy ground, screened by bushes and dwarf trees on the side nearest to the road, and commanding in the opposite direction a grandly desolate view over the broad brown wilderness of the moor.
In the excitement of our colloquy, we had walked on a few steps, beyond the clump of dwarf trees which had hitherto screened us from view.
Choosing your fruits Pick a dwarf tree or small bush that won't be constrained by the size of your pot.
1 Certain (4) 2 Lump of gold (6) 4 4840 square yards (4) 5 Tired (6) 6 First book of the Old Testament (7) 9 Postponed (7) 11 Response (6) 12 Dwarf tree (6) 14 Fourth planet from the sun (4) 15 Seep out (4) DOWN 2 Truant; 3 Overcoat; 4 Yeti; 5 Hercules; 8 Farewell;
We sampled additional random sites in the dwarf tree and tall scrub habitats after visiting all random sites, because they were rare.
In this scenario, it is important to aim for developing dwarf tree stature of amla for medium density orchards, to develop precocious and prolific bearing cultivars and to develop excellent fruit quality (high phenolic content and tannins) for processing.
And that dwarf tree is much easier to care for in terms of pruning time, spraying time, fertilizing, and watering.
PHOTO : Linneu Costa Lima and Eduardo Roxo Nobre showing the 1989/90 crop of the dwarf tree.
has announced to distribute its computer software overseas which allows users to design natural landscape graphics as well as to create their own virtual gardens or a virtual Bonsai, a Japanese traditional dwarf tree.