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I will not dwell upon the matter overlong, but will tell as speedily as may be of how that stout fellow, Robin Hood, died as he had lived, not at court as Earl of Huntingdon, but with bow in hand, his heart in the greenwood, and he himself a right yeoman.
IT is perhaps natural to allow our minds to dwell upon the positives and negatives of this traffic artery described by Lord Wyn Roberts as a " highway of opportunity" as we near the 24th anniversary of the opening of the Conwy Tunnels on the 25th October 1991.
Speaking of hollow laughter, we need also to dwell upon Bentley, who would play Rodney in any North London remake of Only Fools and Horses.
I leave you to dwell upon your personal speculation about what Dr.
Plenty of spectators took the chance to dwell upon memories of a structure which has been part of the Edgbaston furniture for longer than anyone alive can remember.
Veteran senator SM Zafar in his speech said that there were a number of points that the President did not dwell upon in his speech.
Ultimately Andor's love for Eszter yields to doubts about her past, while revelations about his father and mother leave him to dwell upon the extent of his and others' subterfuges, and the boundaries between his dreaming and waking life blur.
While he's not up for a tell-all on the various permutations and combinations, what he does dwell upon is the inherent difference between each one of them.
The movie doesn't pull punches about Elliot's homosexuality; nor does it dwell upon it.
On March 21 Hafidh Al Kindy will deliver the third lecture which will dwell upon, Eoe1/4Y[pounds sterling]The history of the Holy Quran and the Traditions (Ahadith) of the Prophet (peace be upon him), their authenticity and the general themes.
But I don't think it is one he'll dwell upon too long.
Mukherjee will also dwell upon credit flow to productive sectors as well as to priority sector.