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(filename extension)
The filename extension for Autodesk drawing files.


dwg, DWG

Abbr. for “drawing.”
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There are 500,000+ installations of GstarCAD products and 10,000,000+ users of DWG FastView in more than 70 countries around the world, enjoying fast design and drafting, easy communication and collaboration brought about by Gstarsoft.
This economic recovery created the conditions for a new restructuring of the DWG debt exposure, which was still at 22 per cent of system-wide NPL total of 8.
The restructuring is particularly positive for Emirates NBD PJSC (ENBD), the largest domestic creditor of DWG with a $2.
This community is a direct result of customer demand and marks the next step in bringing DWG file management and storage into an easy-to-use, online, service-oriented environment.
Tony Eaves, chairman of DWG, said: "Over the last eight years I have watched Arucana grow into the only serious player in workplace consultancy market.
In addition to supporting native DWG blocks, SolidWorks 2008 alerts you when a referenced DWG block has been changed.
By the way, AutoCAD's new DWG file format creates files up to 50% smaller than previous DWG files.
SSN774 class: EB DWG # H751-1521, or NAVSEA DWG # 7068079.
Early on, the OCB DWG decided that picking an existing bus or defining a new one would not be the way to go since system integrators will continue to use their own buses.
This release also includes improved rendering support for DWG file format as well in terms of exporting to PDF and images.
Although the plan has not yet been finalised and the lack of detail prevents us from fully assessing potential impairment losses, Moody's initial assessment is that, by itself, banks' exposure to the DWG is not likely to cause rating downgrades for the UAE banks," says Moody's analyst John Tofarides.
This release of AutoSketch is a versatile and affordable drawing tool that has been brought up-to-date in response to customer requests for Windows Vista and DWG compatibility.