dye penetrant testing

nondestructive testing (NDT)

Techniques of testing aircraft parts and components without altering or destroying physical or material properties or the integrity of the part. It is used to detect cracks and manufacturing defects. Some of the methods include X-ray, eddy current, magnetic, and dye penetrant testing. See eddy current testing, magnetic inspection, and dye penetrant testing.

penetrant method of nondestructive testing

An essentially noninstrumental method of nondestructive testing that is not dependent on radiation. A special penetrant substance is applied freely on the test object and allowed to work into tight cracks. The penetrant is removed from all surface areas, and the piece is sprayed with a developer. The developer dries to an even white coating, while the penetrant bleeds up from any flaws through the developer, forming bright-red or fluorescent indications on the white surface. The size of the defect is indicated by the richness of the color, the speed of the bleed-out, and the observed dimensions. Also called dye penetrant testing
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In-house processes include orbital, spot and manual welding, machining, fabrication, polishing, pickling and passivation as well as ferroxyl and dye penetrant testing, pressure testing to 110Bar and certificated surface finishing to 0.
To identify and characterize a small, previously observed crack in a steel member, inspectors will use dye penetrant testing or magnetic particle testing.
10 [micro]m Ra as well as passivation, dye penetrant testing and ferroxyl certification.
Appendix I: NDE/NDT techniques Visual inspection; Manual ultrasonic thickness measurement through inspection openings; Radiography; Real-time radiography (RTR); Guided wave ultrasonic measurements; Pulsed eddy current; Digital radiography; Infrared thermography; Neutron backscatter; Dye penetrant testing.
The company's in-housc processes include machining, orbital and manual welding, fabrication, polishing, pickling, passivation, surface finish, full Ra testing and certification, ferroxyl, pressure and dye penetrant testing with design and fabrication capabilities ranging from tees, bends, manifolds through to pressure vessels, integrated pipework, process mixing systems and fully automated process equipment.
Other offered services include, however are not limited to, Radiography, Magnetic Particle and Dye Penetrant Testing.
The welds will be subjected to dye penetrant testing and ultrasonic or radiographic examination.
When working with alloys with a low level of gas, subjecting the sectioned samples to dye penetrant testing tends to show porosity otherwise nearly undetectable.
Tenders are invited for Two Bid E-Tender For Biennial Rate Contract For Gamma Radiography, X-Ray For Piping, Ultrasonic Testing, Ultrasonic Gauging, Magnetic Particle Testing And Dye Penetrant Testing Work At Mdl Premises For Submarine P-75
AIS is a third party inspection company, specially a non-destructive testing (NDT) provider offering radiographic testing by using gamma ray and x-ray machines, dye penetrant testing, magnetic practical testing and ultrasonic testing including the thickness measurement and industrial inspection committed to provide the highest quality service available.