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, dike
1. an embankment constructed to prevent flooding, keep out the sea, etc.
2. a ditch or watercourse
3. a bank made of earth excavated for and placed alongside a ditch
4. Scot a wall, esp a dry-stone wall
5. a vertical or near-vertical wall-like body of igneous rock intruded into cracks in older rock


Greg(ory). born 1947, British television executive; director-general of the BBC (2000--04)

dike, dyke

1. A dry stone wall.
2. A long low dam.
3. A bank of earth from an excavation.
4. An earth embankment which acts as a coffer-dam for keeping water out of an excavation.
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In the face of such pressure, Mr Dyke said, the governors panicked.
Paul Belford of the Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust claims that because he has found and accurately dated older materials in the Dyke''s construction then the Dyke must have been built earlier than the time of King Offa.
PID constants are not really constant," Dyke points out.
Contrary to his remarks, Van Dyke was not "typical of many others in American life"; he was a man in the aristocratic, intellectual, and artistic thick of things.
Mr Dyke has resigned from the Labour Party - which he has admitted helping to finance with a pounds 55,000 donation.
The fund was part of the SSP 420,000 pledged for the dyke.
Gawenda removed her clothes as she tried to get away from people who were trying to hold and stop her - not because they were burning, Van Dyke said.
He said the department had estimated the cost for the restoration of five damaged dykes at about Rs 900 million and the restoration work would soon be started after the approval of PC1.
Hodgson, who has two years left on his contract, said following the Uruguay defeat that he would not resign, and yesterday Dyke gave him his full backing.
Historians have always associated the dyke with King Offa who ruled the kingdom of Mercia in the 8th century.
Now quantity surveyor Stuart DyKe - who plays for Huddersfield YMCA - has been ordered to pay PS2,000 compensation to the man who was his victim.
A large Early Mesozoic quartz tholeiite dyke has been mapped discontinuously for 190 km in southern coastal Maine, USA.