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, dike
1. an embankment constructed to prevent flooding, keep out the sea, etc.
2. a ditch or watercourse
3. a bank made of earth excavated for and placed alongside a ditch
4. Scot a wall, esp a dry-stone wall
5. a vertical or near-vertical wall-like body of igneous rock intruded into cracks in older rock


Greg(ory). born 1947, British television executive; director-general of the BBC (2000--04)

dike, dyke

1. A dry stone wall.
2. A long low dam.
3. A bank of earth from an excavation.
4. An earth embankment which acts as a coffer-dam for keeping water out of an excavation.
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Additional targets will be drilled in Fall 2018 including the East Dyke, down dip extension of Main Dyke and dome targets identified during the Spring mapping program.
Van Dyke was previously married to Carol Johnson before tying the knot with Jones, who he married three years after his first marriage finalized.
These appear to be amygdules, suggesting that the dyke may be a subvolcanic (shallow) intrusion.
After this rehabilitation, we are hopeful that the dyke will not be broken", added Akoi.
Van Dyke, a 38-year-old longtime local resident, said he came forward to provide the public with more information about the incident and to thank the other people who tried to intervene, most of whose names he doesn't know.
When asked if he felt Hodgson would remain in his job until the end of his contract at the 2016 European Championships, Dyke added: "That is the view of myself, of everybody else here (in Brazil) and of others in the FA.
Offa's Dyke is the longest linear earthwork in the UK and one of the longest in Europe.
On the day concerned in April last year Mr Hirst and his partner had been at a family party and it was around 1am when they ended up at the TAKE-away on their way home and was involved in an argument with DyKe.
The Christmas Cove Dyke was first mapped and described at Harpswell Neck (Hussey 1971), and later in the Portland and Bath 1:100 000-scale bedrock quadrangle maps in northern Casco Bay, Maine (Berry and Hussey 1998; Hussey and Marvinney 2002).
Dyke also missed last month's win over Scotland because he was on holiday.
The 2022 World Cup in Qatar has already caused controversy, with Dyke himself calling for it to be moved to winter due to the extreme high temperatures during the summer.
The FA said in a statement: "The Football Association Board has today unanimously approved the nomination for Greg Dyke to be appointed independent FA chairman.