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, dike
1. an embankment constructed to prevent flooding, keep out the sea, etc.
2. a ditch or watercourse
3. a bank made of earth excavated for and placed alongside a ditch
4. Scot a wall, esp a dry-stone wall
5. a vertical or near-vertical wall-like body of igneous rock intruded into cracks in older rock


Greg(ory). born 1947, British television executive; director-general of the BBC (2000--04)

dike, dyke

1. A dry stone wall.
2. A long low dam.
3. A bank of earth from an excavation.
4. An earth embankment which acts as a coffer-dam for keeping water out of an excavation.
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Instead, she played with gender ambiguity by adopting the personae of Michael Jackson and Grace Jones on stage until she was ostracized for being "too dykey.
In Swimming Pool, a sly thriller with quicksilver slides into and out of fantasy, Rampling plays a famed, sharp-tongued British mystery writer with a haircut like an ex-nun's and lips drawn in perpetual disapproval; she's an embodiment of dykey photos of such real-life thriller writers as Patricia Highsmith and Ruth Rendell.
and are holed up on a farm run by Hayley/Harold's former gal pal, a wild-eyed dykey giant.