dynamic scope

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dynamic scope

In a dynamically scoped language, e.g. most versions of Lisp, an identifier can be referred to, not only in the block where it is declared, but also in any function or procedure called from within that block, even if the called procedure is declared outside the block.

This can be implemented as a simple stack of (identifier, value) pairs, accessed by searching down from the top of stack for the most recent instance of a given identifier.

The opposite is lexical scope. A common implementation of dynamic scope is shallow binding.
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So we gave him a dynamic scope last Monday, which is where they gallop with a scope up their nose.
This reminds us the automotive industry is much larger than engineers and designers and engages high school students as 'car people' in the dynamic scope of NAIAS.
The company's founders believe this new brand better reflects the expanding and dynamic scope of the company's work.

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