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An application development system for enterprise client/server environments from Dynasty Technologies, Inc., Houston, TX (www.dynasty.com). Introduced in 1993, it is a repository-driven system that supports Windows, Mac and Motif clients and NT, OS/2 and major Unix servers and databases. It provides partitioning for creating three-tier applications. DYNASTY generates C and SQL code.



in monarchical states, several monarchs of the same lineage (family) who succeed each other on the throne by right of inheritance (for example, the Romanovs in Russia, the Hapsburgs in Austria-Hungary, and the Valois and Bourbons in France).

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Qatar lent Egypt more than $7 billion during Mursi's abruptly curtailed year in power, but other Gulf states remained aloof, wary of the Muslim Brotherhood's potential influence in their own conservative, dynastically ruled countries.
81) Eggert, however, finds the triumph occasioning such fantasy hollow, since Richmond's success only makes way for the "entirely feminine, dynastically disastrous" Elizabeth 1.
If most firms in an economy are managed dynastically, therefore, aggregate TFP may be negatively affected.
As Thai citizens become increasingly involved in their country's political processes, the very presence of a dynastically appointed king -- he still retains ultimate power -- begins to look more and more anachronistic.
Dynastically, it contains five recognized regimes (Maliki Government in Iraq, Netanyahu Government in Israel, Hashemite Monarchy in Jordan, Sulayman/Hariri Government in Lebanon, Asad dictatorship in Syria) and five active challengers (Kurdish Regional Government in Iraq, Hizballah in Lebanon, Fatah organization in the West Bank, Hamas organization in the Gaza Strip, and the Syrian National Council - based in Turkey).