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in monarchical states, several monarchs of the same lineage (family) who succeed each other on the throne by right of inheritance (for example, the Romanovs in Russia, the Hapsburgs in Austria-Hungary, and the Valois and Bourbons in France).

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5) Both of the original paintings, as well as the copies and variants, depict the Grand Duchess opulently dressed, regal, and lavishly bejeweled in dynastically referential diamond and ruby gemstones (Sale Holian, "The Clues" 457-58).
However, engaged and shrewd patron that she was, Maria Maddalena likely turned this portrait tradition to her own ends by relying on the residual meaning already associated with the grand ducal portrait type, just as previous Medici had done with Bronzino's dynastically potent Portrait of Eleonora di Toledo and her Son, Giovanni (Fig.
Implicit in the foregoing discussion is the thesis that the northern resistance to the Canmores was essentially dynastically driven; that is to say, MacHeths and MacWilliams were excluded from competing for the kingship, succession to which had traditionally operated through an alternating system, by the descendants of Malcolm III and Margaret as they organized themselves into a lineage which monopolized the royal office.
Like her French prototype, Elizabeth would presumably have remained close to her brother, who nevertheless would sooner or later have ordered her into some politically or dynastically advantageous marriage - advantageous for him, that is.
14) Lien might agree with me and, also ironically, with the Chinese sources I take into account that Tran Vietnam, dynastically speaking, could not hang together.
Its 50-member Parliament is directly elected, and officials are free to criticize the dynastically appointed emir and his ruling family.
It is difficult to see the Queen Mother in terms of a particular individual in the succession debate; she appears more of a composite character, dynastically important only through her relations with the male characters--as wife to Philip II, lover of Eleazar and Mendoza, and mother of Fernando and Philip (and Isabella).
In the midst of this plethora of dynastically demarcated chapters, two bodies of work should be singled out as having particular importance.
Nine of the 50 members of Parliament, who were elected to office but serve under the dynastically appointed prime minster and the ruling emir, are now under investigation for embezzlement and corruption charges.
In rewriting Ariosto and Tasso (as well as Homer and Vergil), Spenser conflates the traditionally epic themes of honor and glory with romantic ones, so that glorious or dynastically fruitful love becomes the goal of this true "epic romance.