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Participants were sorted into dysphoric and non-dysphoric groups according to scores on the DASS- DS.
As a function of the selection criteria, there was a significant main effect for dysphoric status (Mood) (F (1,41) = 92.
01), providing support for hypothesis 2 that dysphoric status would impact on generality of responses.
The gender dysphoric is a person who may be moving toward an identity as a transsexual, while simultaneously resisting the transformation.
Gender dysphoric individuals are also highly invested in transgender behavior.
As each of the four continua on the spectrum shows, a general progression of either an increase or decrease in intensity and breadth, from the transsexual to the gender dysphoric to the cross-dresser to cross-dressing prostitutes, drag queens, and finally to female impersonators, it becomes clear that these forms of transgenderism yield a fluid spectrum of behavior and identity in just such an order.
By looking beyond their gender dysphoric patients' stated
group of gender dysphoric patients: sexual fantasmatic reassignment in
probes the fertile essence of the gender dysphoric patient and focuses