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It was pointed out that international organization MATZ group is a consortium providing cloud solutions in e-health, e-education-governance, e-activism, e-security and smart tech solutions through its consortium partners.
For many internet activists, the birth of the e-activism trend in the region can be traced to countries such as Egypt and Tunisia, where e-activists mounted spectacularly successful campaigns before anyone else had.
According to 50-year-old blogger Gabriel Deek, who played a leading role in shaping the online campaign opposing the draft law by blogging on the issue, resorting to e-activism methods was instrumental in the Parliament's eventual decision to postpone it.
Saliby, however, also admits that the capacity of e-activism to bring about social change is bound to be only partial.
Lefkowitz, manager, e-activism at Oceana, and a close follower of blogs, wrote in an email.
OK, it does help when the Home Secretary is your Dad, but don't underestimate the power of e-activism.
Find more on E-activism and on the National Coalition Against Censorship report at www.
And Web-based e-activism, like its flesh-world counterpart, ranges from the earnest and traditional to the humorous and radical.
So, it's not surprising that one of the first big e-activism stories was McSpotlight [less than]http://www.
E-activism has a direct action side as well, employing more radical tactics that include such things as electronic civil disobedience (ECD).
Voluminous responses from virtual volunteers happen, in part, because e-activism is so easy.
FoE's Zdeb agrees that e-activism "is definitely a tradeoff.