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The company is reaching out to its customers to support its ongoing 'go-green' initiatives such as e-billing services.
The ebpSource team has for many years been at the forefront of advanced applications in the fields of consolidated e-billing and payment and centralised e-invoicing for banks and payment processors.
Legal departments using e-billing solutions have already seen the benefits of automation: faster, more efficient processing and the ability to identify billing anomalies more quickly.
The new e-billing service, which was introduced in January, is completely free and means that instead of receiving a traditional paper bill, residents and businesses can opt to receive their bill by email.
MANAMA: Menatelecom has launched its 'Go Green' campaign with the introduction of its new e-billing system for all postpaid customers.
Menatelecom, a leading telecom operator in Bahrain, has launched its 'Go Green' campaign with the introduction of the new e-billing system for all postpaid customers.
Dubai: Du announced that 65 per cent of its customers have opted for paperless e-billing, since the system was launched in 2009.
e-billing creates a win-win situation for everyone involved: customers get their bills faster and more conveniently, and du cuts back on paper usage.
Global Banking News-February 14, 2012--Century Bank to offer e-billing technology for clients(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
The e-billing initiative by Qtel has seen more than 13,000 customers signing up to switch over to electronic bills on the first day of the service.
For example, by choosing Verizon's e-billing solutions, International Specialty Products Inc.
Since fall, the company has been offering an e-billing service to its municipal customers.